WLT Capital (Oy Ltd.) develops the knowledge and technical information for the licensed production of WLT products for construction

Our business model is based on providing tailored license-modules for further developing, manufacturing and delivering of the licensees’ respective end-products. We seek to be an active partner throughout our licensees’ operations and projects, and will provide the necessary support services and consultation to all licensees.

The future of WLT® lies in creating a system of verification for WLT-products being produced in small or big, certified and non-certified facilities, assembled in-factory or on-site. Ultimately WLT® will cover the use of most wood species and types, supported with a growing portfolio of WLT® material and collected experience through new products and projects as well as the continuous collaboration with our expanding network and partnerships.

The first licensing agreement for the production and distribution of WLT® is made for the Nordic and Baltic regions in 2022.