What we do

As a starting point, WLT Capital Oy (Ltd.) supports all initiatives involving the use of WLT®

We are actively scouting for projects in which WLT® can be proved in new ways, for developing user aspects and technical performance of WLT®.

Pilot projects are our main line of R&D and typically include one or many components of specific research being done. A WLT® pilot project is usually a building project, leading to a usable, built construction (eg. a house or a bridge) in an authentic environment.

We provide the necessary technical data as well as the necessary support and services to our partners specific product (WLT®) requirements as well as consultation to developing customized solutions to the entire delivery chain - from concept, sales, design, material and manufacturing technology, assembly, construction to the follow-up of delivered projects to end-customers.

Our team involves executives and specialists of the wood and construction as well as software industries:

Liisa Akimof, WLT developer and PR
Pekka Romo, Chairman of the board
Esko Kolli, Main owner
Ari Kolehmainen, CEO
Lauri Rautkari, Professor in wood material science (Aalto University, Helsinki)
Michael Rossing, SaaS
Richard Sirén, WLT planning, projects and products