In combination with advanced technical research and engineering, our current building projects serve as an integral part of the WLT product development. We are exploring WLT-only material solutions as well as combinations with other materials, such as insulation, impregnation and surface treatments.

We have finished several projects in Finland and one in Indonesia, trying different wood species, new solutions and user scenarios with WLT®.

Similar partnership projects are being developed in different parts of the world. We are proud to announce our newest collaboration with the Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS) AR HOME LAB at the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, University of Arkansas, USA. The UDBS AR HOME LAB will design and build three family houses using the WLT, as part of a project addressing affordable housing and the use of regional timber resources.


Huopalahti old train station, new natural living compound

Apartment building, 2-story and with free standing kiosk and work space in conjunction. Prefabricated WLT wall and floor elements, 240 / 200mm, Scots Pine.

Helsinki, Finland 2022

Private vacation spot in old city

Pilot project by local wood shop. On-site WLT assembly piece-by-piece, walls 150mm, a mix of local wood species.

Jakarta, Indonesia 2022

Pinewood Guesthouse

A boutique bed-and-breakfast concept - horses, forest, berry and mushroom picking. On-site WLT assembly piece-by-piece, walls 200mm, Scots Pine

Mäntsälä, Finland 2022


5 to 15m arch bridges for light traffic and pedestrian use. On-site WLT assembly, 150 and 200mm

Finland, different locations 2017-2021

Kanerva kindergarten, living with nature approach for 3-6 year-olds

Curved WLT wall, half circle of 12m diameter. On site WLT assembly, wall and floor structures, 150 / 200mm, Scots Pine

Toholampi, Finland 2019